Saturday, February 11, 2012

36. Prologue II

O sweet muse,
You have shown me so much.
The creation of the cosmos,
How the galaxy started to spin,
I met the Forge Master
He showed me how he shaped the molten earth.
You showed the rise of oceans
Gave me the recipe for life.
Because of you I saw the glorious animal explosion,
The triumphant rise of plants and fish.
How fun it was to watch the reptiles build their saurian empire and conquer.
How humbling it was to see their decline.
I then saw the rise of the mammalian empire.
I heard the primitive drums at the dawn of man
As they walked across the continents
Building blessed and cursed ancient jewels
Along ancient waterways.
Now, gentle muse,
Guide me further into history.
Lay me to rest at Homer’s feet
Where he will tell of his wondrous tribe of marble men
And guide me into the deep, dark future.
O, my muse, you have shown me so much.
Yet there is still much more to see.

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