Tuesday, February 21, 2012

46. Persia Becomes an Empire

Out of the ancient deserts
Where sphinxes lived in mudbrick temples
There arose a benevolent winged king.
His name was Cyrus the Great.
He hatched a dragon in the land of Media.
Under the guise of religious revival.
The dragon he called Persia.
Persia quickly grew
As it swallowed up nations and old empires
The dragon swallowed the rest of Media as a snack
Then picked the bones clean of Assyria
It was a nice appetizer.
Following the Tigris and Euphrates
He had Babylon for dinner.
For desert the dragon found Anatolia’s delight
Picking his teeth clean with Egypt and Israel.
Under Cyrus and his sons
There was tolerance.
The dragon didn’t discriminate.
He didn’t ask his new foods to be digested into the new country
They liked him for it
As they wrote pages praising him
In history and religion.

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