Thursday, February 16, 2012

41. The Journey Home

After that famous siege of Troy
The crafty king left for home.
He forgot one special thing
To offer up to the mighty sea king.
It was he that helped the Akhaians win.
It was he that brought the horse inside the Trojan gates.
He could have held his special serpent friends
So it’s only right.
But Odysseus was quick to forget
And Poseidon’s storms set him out to distant lands
Where his party dwindled until
He was the only one to hang on.
The sea god’s one eyed son
Made a tasty meal of some.
Aeolus gave him a bag of winds
To guide him home for good
But Greed had opened it
And they were lost once again.
Some men fell under the spell of flowers.
Others an island witch.
They faced sea monsters and siren’s song
Forever battling the sea god’s mighty gale
Until finally, thanks to the gray eyed goddess,
He made it home
To only see strangers within his palace walls.
Disguising himself as an old beggar,
He revealed who he was in a competition.
Then scattered the men
Who dared to disturb his sacred bed.
Then, with his loving wife and son
He retired to his throne
Satisfied that his duty had been done.

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