Thursday, February 9, 2012

34. India

Between the mountains and the sea,
A large ruby grew out of the Indus River Valley.
Precious material
Flowed in flooding waters
Down mountains
Collecting in the mud and muck of monsoonal runoff.
Their lives were better
Despite the turmoil of the floods.
Their gods smiled down on them
They grew in their radiance.
Bigger than Egypt and Sumer
It fed on merchants and agriculture.
Thriving to build cities
For a thousand years.
Slowly, their gods became stronger
Taking root in the fertile Indus River mud.
They were fed by visionaries
Chanting through Vedic mantras and stories
Ganesh, Indira and all the others.
Then, when the civilization was too weak to go on,
Invaders came from the North.
To change the old order
The gods matured
Through war and bloodshed.
Chiefdom was traded for Oligarchies and hierarchy.
The caste was born.

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