Sunday, February 26, 2012

51. The Athenian Golden Age

With the dragon defeated
Athens was left to grow and prosper.
It turned into a great and shining polis.
A flame of democracy to light the rest of the world
With Athena smiling down
In her golden temple.
Many other poets
Came to the land of Athena
Singing her praises.
Greece grew rich in trade
They grew rich in freedom
They grew rich in culture
They grew rich in thought
Aeschylus begot Sophocles
Who begot Euripides
Who begot Aristophanes.
People came to Athens to speak their minds
Discussing their world and all things in it.
Socrates who drank the hemlock
Begot Plato who wrote the Republic
Plato begot Aristotle who taught the man who punished of Persia.
History gave Herodotus his muse.
Pericles, the statesman,
The great orator
Came to Athens
Standing among his people for forty years
Speaking like a lion.
Preaching Pan-Hellenism
Showing off his Apennine son to the west
Inviting others to come help raise him.
Bringing peace for thirty years.
He reformed his government
Molding it like a lump of clay.
Leading the infant
To new political maturity.
He helped Athena’s imperial grasp to spread out into the Aegean.
Becoming a pillar in the temple of democracy.
Pericles was exalted by the people.
Elected many times.
He became the embodiment of the Athenian Golden Age
As Delean gold was moved to his “high city”
Stored in Athena’s house
He heard the rumblings of war to the south.
When he died
Peace died with him.

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