Monday, February 27, 2012

52. The Peloponnesian War

Athena became powerful in her golden age.
Her reach extended across the Mediterranean.
Ares didn’t appreciate her power.
He started grumbling
Jealous of the goddess’s power.
Suspecting a war she told Pericles.
He gathered his people
Ordered walls to be built.
The fortifications were strong.
Rivaling the Cyclopian walls of Troy.
He ordered ships to be built.
Athena’s powerful trireme navy
Became a force to be reckoned with.
Then Ares made his move.
A spear was thrust right into Athena’s heart.
She protected her people
With Pericles’ impenetrable shield.
For a time Ares was kept at bay.
He only got angrier.
He went to Apollo
Asking for help.
Apollo complied by sending a great plague.
The plague that killed Athena’s lion.
She continued to fight on
Despite the plague and military losses.
Abandoning old strategies
With more aggressive ones
She went on the attack.
The small island of Melos was the first target.
Then she directed her spear toward Sicily.
Trying to capture Syracuse
She was mortally wounded
Ares seized the opportunity
Raiding the countryside.
Athena’s democracy voted themselves out
In favor of oligarchy.
The people restored their freedom and continued the fight.
If Athena was going to die, she’d rather be free.
Ares went east
Talking to the once proud dragon.
“I offer you the cities of Anatolia,”
He said,
“In exchange for a little help.”
The dragon smiled in his coils.
Coughing up gold to fund a navy.
Once the ships were built
Ares squeezed Athena until she gave up.

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