Sunday, February 12, 2012

37. Greek Origins

The first Greeks were strong
Made from marble hurled from the mountaintop
By Ducalion’s mighty hands.
Cut by expert craftsmen from nearby quarries.
These men were heroes
Formed from the harsh mountainous terrain.
They were shaped and molded into leaders
Strong willed and free.
As they rolled down hill
In thunderous avalanche
In Ducalion’s wake.
They fought monsters
Surviving rough trials
Brought on by Olympus’ anger.
Their country started as a Stone Age dream
That turned bronze
 As the cities were founded.
Quick tempered Hercules founded Thebes
Where Oedipus later came to save the people from a curse
Then replace it with another curse.
The tripod goddess and king Lacedaemon founded Sparta
A militaristic people
Rugged and tough
Never losing the properties of their ancient marble ancestors.
Cecrops, the serpent king
Founded Athens
Giving it to the gray eyed goddess
In exchange for an olive branch.

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