Friday, February 3, 2012

28. The Paleolithic

Animals still ruled this new Eden.
They towered high
Proudly walking among tall savannah grasses
Surveying all they owned.
They lived comfortably on their throne
Lording over the smaller, weaker primates.
As they grazed on the tops of trees
The dreaded saber tooth
Stealthily hunted in the yellow sea of African grass.
Man was still the lowest on the food-chain
But he became a fierce competitor.
They lived in fear of the shadows among the golden points
Firmly grasping their stony blades
As they hunted the wild beasts.
Huddling together in their small groups,
Humanity tried to survive.
The welcoming trees that offered protection were long gone.
As the ice slowly moved down from the north
Grinding into the mountains.
Man began to move.
They left the warm womb of Africa and spread across the world.
Invading Asia.
Invading Australia.
Invading Europe.
Invading North and South America.
Mammoths put on woolly coats
Their coats would be no match for the pointed stones and red flower of man.
The mammoth fell.
Man became the extinction event.
They chased the mighty bear from his caves.
Then, to mark their territory,
They painted on the walls.
With the handprint as their symbol of defiance,
A spear that pierced the painted animal,
Man claimed the world as their own.

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