Wednesday, February 1, 2012

26. The Mammalian Empire

There’s work to be done!
With the last dinosaur uprising quelled
We are free!
Mammals rule this world now!
They went out
Filled the habitats.
Elephants in Africa
With rhinos and monkeys.
Mammals found their way back to the sea
Becoming whales and seals and walruses.
Rhinos as weird looking as their names.
Sloths roamed the forests as big as elephants
Grazing on the tops of trees.
Saber-toothed cats.
Rodents with horns.
Horses grew to their normal size.
As time went on the mammals had their extinctions as well.
Out of destruction comes creation.
New creatures replaced the old.
They have their own empire now
 But they want it to be permanent

Who will do this?
The primates.
They will bring something new to the world.
A blessing.
A curse.
They will shape things in new and powerful ways.
A revolution is coming.

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