Thursday, February 2, 2012

27. Man

Here comes the revolution!
Listen to the drums!
They’re getting louder!
Out of forests of Africa
Giving way to savannahs
Monkeys fall from their trees.
On awkward legs and hands for feet
They cross into new territory.
Making the first steps into humanity.
Slowly from fours to twos
They make their trek.
They free their arms and hands
Slowly moving into the future.
They hunted the savannahs.
Brains got bigger
They got smarter.
Sheding their fur
Developing tools.
They realized they were naked.
So they looked for shelter.
They made clothes.
As Habilis
As Erectus
They erected their monuments with new advances in tools.
The pointed rock became important.
It was passed down.
Slowly modified.
It wasn’t enough.
It wasn’t enough.
Another monument was built.
Animals feared the red flower of man.
They used it to keep warm.
It still wasn’t enough.
A new group would put these things to better use.
The world of Erectus and Habilis slowly came to an end.
They walked on into the deserts of time.
A new creature came out of Africa.
Homo Sapiens.

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