Friday, February 10, 2012

35. China

A great green jade,
Grew out of three rivers.
Yangtze, West, and Yellow.
They developed communities of farmers.
Growing and prospering despite the floods.
They decided that they needed leaders
They prayed.
The gods answered.
Three sovereigns,
Five emperors.
Then the age of dynasties.
Xia begot Shang,
Shang begot Zhou who brought feudalism and Confucianism’s polite ways
The primitive Great Wall took shape.
The Autumn of the Zhou period led to new dynasties, finally giving birth to the Qin.
Qin begot Han
Han begot Xin and the Three Kingdoms
Three Kingdoms begot Jin
Jin begot South and North who begot Sui
Five Dynasties,
Ten Kingdoms,
All passing on the Great Wall
Adding to it,
Strengthening it,
Lengthening it,
Through deserts,
Over mountains,
In forests,
Across rivers.
It stretched across the land.
Protecting the people for centuries.
Continuously building from the elements that came before.

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