Saturday, February 25, 2012

50. The Dragon's Defeat

Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by,
That here, obeying their commands we lie.” (Epitaph attributed to Simonides)

The great warrior king
Came to his people’s rescue.
Having the cunning of Odysseus.
Having the courage of Theseus.
Bringing seven thousand men
To draw swords and protect the fatherland.
A secret guarded path
To the gates of Thermopylae
Revealed by a traitor
To the dragon’s “immortals”.
Ares’ men and allies fought bravely on that day.
Killing many immortal men
To protect Thermopylae.
While the fight was fierce,
Leonidas brave,
He didn’t last.
The dragon ate the city by the bay.
Then it was off to Athens
Where he let fire fall onto the goddess’s flowing gown.
Refugees in Salamis
Who saw their goddess in trouble
Sent ships to save her.
The dragon learned of his great mistake
Then quickly called for retreat.
Greece rejoiced
At their victory
But didn’t soon forget.
Another will come to slay that mighty beast.

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