Tuesday, February 14, 2012

39. Hellen and Paris

Love be now your song, immortal one,
For now the war is over.
What once was love
Became the war of ages.
What once was war
Became peaceful ruined silence.
Among Schliemann’s tel
Sprang forth stories like weeds.
Tales of great adventurers
Who scaled those Cyclopian walls
And brought Troy to its knees.
A fair young maiden
Was the start of this great tragedy.
All for the love of a shepherd prince.
This maiden of the tripod city
Was called the fairest of the land.
Her beauty gave her great fame
And suitors came far and wide
To give her their name.
The shepherd prince chose Love
Over gray eyed intelligence and the bright arms of conquest.
He that gave the golden apple bending to Discord’s secret wish.
Bringing to his country
The invasion of a thousand ships.

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