Wednesday, February 8, 2012

33. Israel

For forty days and forty nights
People wandered the deserts
As the hand of God shaped his newest jewel.
Through miracles
He polished it,
Through faith
He ground it
Slowly shaping his new treasure
Until it was perfect.
Moses, the child of the reeds
Washed the stone carefully
Pulling it out of the flooding Nile.
Even when they whined and moaned
And harsh tribulations caused them to lose faith,
He continued under the guidance of his master.
He brought laws to the great gem
They only thanked him with a golden cow.
Angered at the transgression the law was broken
A new jewel had to be made.
For another generation they wandered the desert
As the material was reused.
Slowly, a new jeweler came.
Yahweh’s Salvation.
Directing the Israelites to Canaan
Where they took the land
In accordance to a curse by the arc builder.
Kings came and went
Slowly polishing the stone
Making it shine with faith
David came to claim the throne for God
While Solomon built His house
But Solomon wasn’t careful.
He dropped it.
It shattered into two.

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