Monday, February 20, 2012

45. Sparta

To the South in the lands of the Peloponnese
There was a mighty race of men.
The Spartans
They were brave
Marching in military formation.
Living a utilitarian lifestyle
In barracks.
The state owned the Spartan man
From birth until death.
Any children not suitable
Were abandoned.
This was where Ares lived
They fed off of blood
Drinking of the spoils of constant war against helots
Eating the gentle cow.
Were toughened by conflict and civil strife.
They made slaves of the locals
Messenians twice rebelled.
They were subdued both times.
Colonizing as needed.
While Athens was founded on the intelligence of the gray eyed one
Sparta was founded on the dreaded god of war.
When a Spartan was young
He was a ball of flesh
The handlers of the herd
Whipped him and trained him
Until he hardened into stone.
The barracks was home.
Men were warriors first
Husbands second.
Even the women were hardened and powerful.
They buried their children proudly
When they died for Sparta
For that was why they were born.
Men were there to fight and die noble deaths
As they turn back the foemen’s sharp edged battle lines.
Sparta was double edged for Greece.
Inspiring fear
Inspiring imagination.
Admired in peace.
Dreaded in war.
They became powerful.
Many looked upon them
As a great ideal
Of patriotism
To uphold.

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