Tuesday, February 28, 2012

53. The Rise of Macedon

After the war
Greece fell into turmoil.
All of their allies
Fought for dominance.
Brother against brother.
Greek against Greek.
Ares sold out his countrymen
For a small victory.
Athena was angry for that.
Zeus did nothing to help.
He knew what was coming.
Fate told him a great man would come
To settle everything.
For years the gods made war
As people in the north
They called themselves Greeks too
But they looked down on the barbarian southerners.
They had problems of their own.
There was fighting in their land.
Their neighbors gave them problems
While they were in the midst of a civil war.
They were in trouble
A king named Phil arose
To fulfill the prophecy Fate bestowed on Zeus.
Climbing over the fighting and paranoia
Raising his own army
Defeating his neighbors
Uniting the people.
When his work was done in his own land
He looked to the barbarians to the south.
“These stupid men,” he said.
“They need to be taught a lesson.”
“They know nothing about civilized life.”
So pointing his sword he said “Onward!”
Marching south to still the warring gods.

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