Friday, April 13, 2012

98. World War I

An archduke was shot.
The new shot heard around the world.
Weapons were built.
A new war sparked.
Alliances formed.
Germany, Austria, Italy
Russia, France, Britain,
They stood against each other.
Pushed each other.
Never gaining ground.
Monsters rumbled over land
Bringing destruction to lives and property.
The Wright Brothers’ innocent invention turned to war as well.
People lived, fought and died in the trenches.
Both sides bravely faced their bloody stalemate.
Europe became a black hole of war.
Americans preached isolationism
But war came to them anyway.
Lusitania opened the door to America.
A solution finally came.
Mr. Wilson’s pipe dream,
The bubble from his head
Of a perfect world
Happy and peaceful
here nations could bring their problems to a league.
The Treaty of Versailles
Turned the league into reality.
Peace reigned supreme.
The war seemed to be over
For now.

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