Sunday, April 8, 2012

93. Suffrage and Feminism

Women wanted rights too.
They were tired of being the angel in the house.
They wanted something more.
They too cried black ink into their pages.
They cried in the streets
For freedom
“How much more abuse can we take?”
“We work the mills.”
“We get paid pittance for our labor.”
“We teach our children the ways of the world.”
“Men should see us as equals.”
“We should be allowed to have a say in our lives,”
“In our cities,”
“In our states,”
“In our nations,”
“We were fighting with you”
“When the revolution burned”
“Where is our voice?”
The waterfall conventions in America
And disillusioned disenfranchised meetings in Europe
Brought signs on sidewalks
As they called out in the streets
For equality
Hoping they could be heard by the men
Over their brutish machines.
The men didn’t listen.
Their machines and money made the louder noise.
Nations had priorities.
None included the better half.

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