Monday, April 23, 2012

108. The Space Race

When the red haired man came to office
He gave us challenges.
He challenged the Soviets in Cuba.
He challenged his citizens.
He challenged us in a race to the moon.
Soviets started with Sputnik.
Then we started our own with animals and, finally, people.
We made great headway
The modules slowly developed
As Gemini became Apollo
The race continued onward.
Sprinting into the future.
Armstrong was selected for the mission.
The rockets blasted off.
They landed,
He stepped onto new soil.
One small step for man
And a giant leap
Into the future.
The flag was planted and footprints preserved.
The quietness of space was different
From the chaos at home.
May that chaos never disturb the silent peace of space.
Instead of shouting from the mountaintops like the sun wanted,
We quietly looked in awe at the fragile beauty of the earth.
Before the red-haired man’s dreams could come true,
A bullet from the books
Sent him away.

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