Thursday, April 26, 2012

111. September 11 and Another War

From deep within the caves of Afghanistan
A man ordered an attack.
A cell was activated and buildings were brought down.
People demanded the truth
Expecting more conspiracy.
No truth was trusted.
The bush’s honesty was questioned
When he sent us back to Iraq.
Wall Street was supported.
The economy collapsed.
Did the bush want these things?
Or was it all coincidence?
Future generations will have to decide.
The bush left office.
A man promising change stepped up.
He made great speeches.
Made powerful promises,
Was elected,
Breaking a new racial boundary.
His presidency brought controversy
As conspiracy ran rampant in the media.
They questioned his birth.
They questioned his citizenship.
They formed parties with tea.
They scrutinized and criticized him.
They fought him at every turn.
Alas, no change came.
As for that little evil hermit in the cave.
He was found by secret men
Taken to his hellish rest.

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