Wednesday, April 18, 2012

103. World War II

The crisis in Europe became a global one.
The allies,
Heroes of the previous war, needed to do something.
America tried her hardest to stay out of it.
The Roosevelt clan was in office again.
He told us not to fear.
The only thing to fear was fear.
In reality, he wanted to get involved.
He needed something,
Anything to take us into the war.
We couldn’t stand idly by while millions of lives were thrown to the fire.
But what could it be?
The date came
That lived in infamy.
Japan, the imperialist,
Sent her planes
Bombing every last ship in the harbor of pearls.
It was a swift and backhanded attack.
Roosevelt said, “That’s it!”
He gave speeches and rallied his men.
They went to Europe
They went to the Pacific
Fighting on two fronts.
Churchill did the same for Britain.
“We will fight them on the beaches”
“We will fight them in the air.”
“We will fight them on the seas”.
“Wherever we are we will rid the world of this great beast.”
They went to Africa.
They took back Poland.
They fought over London.
The allies made a deal with the devil of Russia
Because the Beast had betrayed the Soviets.
The evil one invaded and was pushed back by the same cold Napoleon faced.
Now Russia wanted revenge.
D-day, The Bulge, Normandy,
Finally the push for Berlin
The allied forces pinched and squeezed the blemish that the beast placed upon the earth.
The allies invaded the Axis lands
To make sure of their surrender.
The war in Europe were resolved
After the trial for the Beast’s great minions.
If only they could have kept him alive as well.
Whatever he gets now is still too good for him.

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