Thursday, April 12, 2012

97. The March toward the Twentieth Century

In France a new Napoleon came along after the pear king left.
A word of advice to the people of France,
A pear should never be king.
Another experiment failed
A new empire ruined the balance of power.
The new Napoleon went to Mexico
Bringing his glorious champions
The third Napoleon was eventually kicked out.
The Mexicans had their French champions in their victory meals.
The wars and turmoil in Europe took root in America as well.
The country split.
“Freedom for all or none,” the man from the log cabin said.
Thus began the bloody Civil War.
While Europe dealt with France,
The Confederacy and Union fought for five years.
Vying for outside attention.
The log cabin man’s final sacrifice came on Good Friday in the theater.
He died and was buried.
In a few days he was taken from his grave.
“Do not search for him here”
They said to the mourners.
He died to unify the nation.
Unification became the word that ended the century.
Germany tried and failed once.
Throwing out their king
Reinstating him again.
They succeeded their second time.
Italy, with the impressive Garibaldi,
Came together valiantly in her struggles as well.
Nations settled as the century ended.
Freedoms and rights were given slowly.
The rough-rider,
Teddy Roosevelt,
Came in on his white horse
To save the people of America
From a few small wars abroad
Then cleaned the muck of corporate greed.
His Great White Fleet sailed the world
As he extended a policeman’s arm across the sea.
Ireland got tired of British rule
Britain’s sun started its descent
Following the unsinkable ship
Beneath ice cold Atlantic waters.

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