Tuesday, April 24, 2012

109. The End of the Cold War

Thus the world moved into another decade.
More presidents came.
They dealt with the Soviet problem in other ways.
Disco was born and died
But the mirror ball was kept.
A new decade sped through.
The rock got louder and wilder
As its great golden age reached its peak.
Hair and clothes became crazy.
Symphonies were performed with electric guitars
As singers burned the stage
With pyrotechnic words,
Colorful, blistering music
And wild backroom parties with white powder and bottles.
At the end of this golden age of rock
A president came to destroy the Soviets once and for all.
“Tear down this wall!” he said.
The ultimatum was set.
A new race started
As people hid in their shelters
Holding on
Drowning in their sweat
Hoping to wake up from this horrible nightmare.
He built his weapons.
Tried to bring them to space.
The Soviets couldn’t keep up.
They ran out of money
The war slowly tapered out.

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