Sunday, April 22, 2012

107. The Cultural Revolution

“You say you want a revolution.”(Revolution, The Beatles)

The sixties.
A new revolution.
A cultural one.
Rock and Roll.
Elvis played.
Then the British invade
With beatles and animals.
Later monkeys and turtles.
They brought the mind tripping psychedelics
And doors that opened perceptions.
Sex, drugs, and colorful hippies
Down and dirty in the streets.
Tune in, turn on, drop out.
Sit down and listen.
Music fests brought new freedom and rebellion.
All seemed far out.
But no one knew.
The next part of the decade saw great defeat
And great victory.
The descendants of the slaves
Started marching after an incident on the bus.
If it’s worth fighting for
Then they must put in the effort.
They stood up for their rights as equals.
Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on the mall of his dream.
An amendment was passed.
Segregation ended.
Vietnam exploded.
Armies were sent.
But things became a lot worse with the new president.
The hippies found a cause to believe in.
They grabbed signs and protested.
They stood up to their government
As they preached peace, love and rose colored glasses
With flowers in rifles.
News became valuable.
Putting faces to the casualties of war.
“Our men are being killed!”
“We must bring them home!”

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