Friday, April 27, 2012

112. Another Revolution

The man on the hill,
The man in economic mountains,
The man on the street,
Became bitter enemies
A new revolution
Spreading throughout the world
Occupying the nation
As people protested against failing government and corruption.
Greece tumbled
From economic prosperity,
The Union of Europe
Scrambled to their aid.
Arabs had their spring.
The Middle East erupted with fire
To deal with their bullying dictators.
The Spring turned to Fall
Then Winter
Back to spring.
Iran threatened Israel
Promising possible nuclear annihilation.
As the world continued to burn and change
America looked over the rift of a new election.
Politicians preached their promises to people
Saying they will change.
People went “Psh”
As they play their iPhony games
Being sucked into a Facebook reality.
The election’s rift
Is where the future will be.
No change from said politicians
Nothing from violence and bloodshed.
Slavery on the chocolate Ivory Coast
While men kill and kidnap in Africa.
Nothing new.
Everything’s the same
At least the technology’s shiny.
At least a retweet showed you care.

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  1. 'atleast the technology's shiny'... it's like a slap on our faces... totally inspiring, keep writin