Wednesday, April 4, 2012

89. The Revolution

Russia built its empire.
Revolution rumors flowed in Europe.
Many others looked at the world, thinking of it in different ways.
The American colonies got rich.
New agriculture increased food production.
Music reached its height as Mozart played.
Beethoven, Hayden and many others.
New ideas.
New art.
New thoughts
Caused the flames to rise.
From the ancient past
Athens with its small flame.
The flame of freedom.
It split and spread into Rome.
Stayed hidden in the Dark Ages.
Resurrected and grew.
It reached across the sea to the colonies of the New World.
Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Adams,
Many other disciples of freedom
Fanned the flames of descent.
The flames of revolution.
The fires grew
To the drumbeat of war.
Swiftly, the fire spread
Through Europe
Into the other colonies.
They took their destiny from their brutish king.
Breaking the chains of taxation
Making themselves representatives.
The eagle flew from the nest.
Others wanted the chance to fly.
The fires of freedom spread across the world
Burning out of control.
It spread through the minds and hearts of people
Many got burned
Meeting the scorching blade of the guillotine.
A French republic was formed
But, as with the first European Republic,
It didn’t last.

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