Tuesday, April 10, 2012

95. The Victorian Age

Africa, the overlooked continent
Was explored and colonized.
Europe crawled out of the dust of revolution.
Taking over the world like infesting ants.
The new nation of America wanted some of their own.
Yet they were no match for Great Britain’s might.
Britain took many lands for himself.
India, Africa, North America, Central and South America, Australia, The Middle East.
All given over to the crown.
Each soldier planting their bloody flag into new territory.
Victoria became queen bringing the world to her.
Proclaiming herself India’s Empress
As Disraeli crowned her.
At home, while fossils were contemplated,
People enjoyed the new “Oriental things”
That were brought to them.
Men from India assimilated
As Tennyson welcomed his new British brothers
Rejoicing in one voice,
“Britain hold your own.”
They thought the sun would never set on their mighty empire.
In the coming years
They will see that they were wrong.

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