Friday, April 20, 2012

105. The Cold War

The cold beast from the north
Became colder when he and China had their revolutions.
After the great global wars
Soviet and American became enemies.
Totalitarian Soviet dictator
Democratic American president
Dropped the iron curtain
Splitting the Germanies and Berlins.
Democracy and Communism.
Locked in a frozen war.
An arms race
Made the mushroom proliferate.
New breeds were developed.
Each one more powerful than the last.
We sold our souls to end the war.
The threat of hellish fire was the price we paid.
Each side had the bomb now.
There was always the chance of annihilation.
The clock on the magazine
Told the time
Counting the minutes to Doomsday.
More countries caught Communism.
It spread like an evil red disease
With that came the bomb.
Everyone wanted the bomb.
Everyone thought their country would benefit.
The United States and Britain needed quarantine.
They sent spies.
The other side sent spies too.
Democracy was a disease to Russia.
Governments became quiet with secrets.
People questioned what was going on.
Iron eating moths of mistrust nibbled into their curtain
They watched each other through their holes
As the fog of paranoia flowed out into the land.

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