Wednesday, April 25, 2012

110. Into the Twenty-first Century

The Cold War passed into history.
The climate slowly heated.
A bush was elected
We had another war.
Saddam, the bully, made trouble.
He stomped over to Kuwait.
With a yell of “Mine!” he took the oil.
We went in, took him out, then left.
The bush said no new taxes
But raised them anyway.
We elected a Clinton.
He brought troops to Bosnia
To fight Europe’s genocide.
He warned us of new threats
But his scandal came in too loud.
The Twentieth Century closed with a bang.
Fireworks and fear made an exciting mix.
Computers that proliferated and multiplied like bunnies
Threatened to shut down because of a number.
There was never any chaos.
The end did not come.
In the heat of the warming sun
We moved on into the new Millennium.
Another bush became president.
But it was almost a gore.

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