Tuesday, April 17, 2012

102. The Holocaust

The rest of the world felt the same pain as America.
Germany inflated.
Things were too scarce
For such a large amount of pay.
A man arose
To blame people for their troubles.
He marched around giving orders to start a new age.
With dreams of an evil race of supermen.
Beware, children, of this man.
Beware the man who marches under the crooked cross.
Beware the man with the banner of soot and blood.
Beware the man with the banner of fire and ash.
He will be the destruction of many.
None could appease him.
None could please him
Without doing gravely evil things.
They offered a sacrifice to this great beast
But his appetite was insatiable.
He took it and only grew bigger.
More beast than man.
He went out and conquered.
The child of Germany observed everything.
He made sure of it
The child couldn’t say anything
For fear of the beast’s fiery breath.
He sent out his minions and gathered the innocents.
Then sent them off to be burned.
“There’s no room for innocent people in my world”
He said as he tossed them into the fire.
“We must build!”
“Build factories of death across Europe.”
“They brought mass production to the car”
“We can bring mass production to death.”
“Gather all people who don’t fit into my world.”
“Burn them.”
“The Jews?”
“Burn them.”
“Burn them.”
“Burn them.”
“Burn them.”
“Burn them.”
“Burn them all.”
“They have no place in my world.”
People were killed.
War was made.
Countries fell to this beast of a man.

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