Wednesday, March 28, 2012

82. Joan of Arc

All felt lost
In this tragic war.
France needed a hero.
A noble knight to save France from England’s tyranny.
A young lady
Waiting to be married,
In her thirteenth year,
Received a call from God.
“Go,” he said,
“England is not meant to have French land.”
The maiden of Orleans
Was terrified at first
But came around eventually.
She went to the Dolphin court
Presenting her plan to save France.
The Dolphin was impressed
She was dressed
In armor and given a horse.
At the battle of Orleans
She proved her mettle
With the long fought victory.
She persuaded her Dolphin
To march to their enemy Burgandy
Receiving the crown of the seventh Charles.
She promised to capture Paris
But Burgandy’s and England’s forces
Were way too strong.
They captured her
Accused her of witchcraft
Burning her at the stake.
Her passion lived on
As symbol for France
Driving them to win the war
Ridding England from the continent.

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