Thursday, March 22, 2012

76. The Normans

For a time
War was settled in the Holy Land.
In the west
War came to France and England.
The Confessor died without an heir.
England was promised to Normandy.
The earl of Wessex and the king of Norway
Wanted it for themselves.
The Confessor named the earl his heir
Much to the Norman and Norwegian’s disappointment.
The Norman scooped up armies all through France.
He put them on ships
To sail across the English Channel.
In England he became the Conqueror.
To complete his goals
He replaced the native rulers.
On his deathbed he regretted everything.
“I persecuted them.”
“I cruelly oppressed them.”
“Destroying families.”
“I did it unjustly and I’m sorry for it.”
With his final dying breath he said.
“I dare not leave my kingdom to anyone but God.”
William conqueror of England
Conquered by death.

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