Saturday, March 24, 2012

78. The Mongol Empire

Out of the steppes of Central Asia
Came violent nomads
When drought turned grass to dust.
Their animals starved in famine
Their way of life was threatened.
Thunderous hooves of horses
Flowed in all directions
Like a dust storm
They ripped through cities
Setting fire with abrasive sand
Trampling on poor helpless victims.
They crossed the wall in China,
Scaled the mountains in Tibet,
Cornered the people of Korea,
Fought the blistering heat and sands of Iran
Braved the winters of Russia.
All countries fell to the great Khans.
Then rose the great Golden Horde.
Planted in the center of Asia.
Their navies tried for Japan
But the divine winds weren’t with them.
For two days the typhoon blew
Decimating the Khan’s mighty fragile fleet.
The Mongols threatened Europe
Like hungry wolves at Europe’s doorstep
Waiting for their victim to come out
They threatened the people
Only nipping and biting at her heals.
They could go no further.
The death of a king
Quieted the thunderous wave
Of men and horses.

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