Monday, March 26, 2012

80. The Hundred Years War

Through politics and marriage,
France came to serve England
As vassal to the king.
France reorganized
They had enough of the English
Lording over them
So they took Aquitaine away.
The third Edward,
Wanting that land back,
Claimed the seat where France sat.
Promising plunder and victories
Flowed through the English countryside.
The people mobilized
Crossing the Channel
To start the War of a Hundred Years.
For a time England triumphed
Gaining ground in the continent.
A victory by England’s king
In the land of Crecy
Then at Poitiers
Where the old king was captured.
They crowned the Dolphin man
To bring control to the continent.
Mad kings of France and England
Held the fighting at bay.
In the short lived first peace,
Small raids were made
While France and others
Fought their Levantine crusades.

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