Saturday, March 3, 2012

57. The Founding of Rome

Fearing their ambition
Two boys of godly birth
Were abandoned in the woods
By Latium’s murderous king.
Found and cared for by a mother wolf
Growing into humble shepherds
Who competed with those of Latium.
Their identity was found
The king deposed
But rejected rule
For lives as subjects to their grandfather.
For a while it was good
But then their fate beckoned
They left
Wanting a city of their own.
They found a place with seven hills
An argument arose
About where the city should go.
Picking two hills,
Both worshiping
Asking for a sign.
Signs came for them
But disagreement arose.
They started to settle.
The Roman on Palatine,
His brother on Aventine.
The brother criticized the Roman’s wall
Leaping over it.
He was killed by the words of the Roman,
“So perish every one that shall hereafter leap over my wall."
With his brother gone,
He continued his building
Regretting what he had done, the Roman honored his brother
With a proper grave.

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