Sunday, March 11, 2012

65. The Pax Romana

A second triumvirate was formed
That hunted the traitors.
The last of the Romans
Fell over Caesar’s token
Across the river Styx
As the battle for Rome’s future raged all around him.
The traitors died.
Antony met Caesar’s consort
Her country fell when he left
The snake took care of that.
The August one came
In the turmoil after the Julian.
Declaring himself princeps
He rested the exhausted Rome
On her glorious throne
Dressed in an empress’s gown.
During the august one’s reign
Rome grew fat with offerings.
She lay in peace and prosperity
On her throne
Surrounded by presents from across the land.
Silks from China,
Ivory from Africa,
Jewels and spices from India,
Gold and silver flowed from France
Her conquests took her to the Danube.
She was sung to sleep by great poets.
Virgil telling tales of Aeneas,
Horace singing to Grecian pots
Livy told the truth,
Ovid mixing history and myth.
As she rested her mighty head
Smiling to herself on the august one’s lap
He declared Rome to be at peace
Calling himself “Restorer of the world.”
After him dynasties came.
Julio Claudians provided stability,
Flavians gave Rome a proper public crown,
The five good ones spread the empire further.
Emperors came and went like weather.
Some were fair
Others stormy.

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