Monday, March 19, 2012

73. Buddhism Spreads

Another man
Who came from great origins
Formed a new religion.
Four visits
Four visions
The old man said I have lived.
The thin man said this is humanity.
The corpse said I was once alive.
The holy hermit said I was once like you.
He fell from lofty heights
In remorse and new enlightenment.
He rejected old decedent ways
To go on a pilgrimage through his land.
He talked with many people
As he travelled the Middle Way.
His religion of enlightenment flowed throughout the world.
He found patronage in India.
That’s where it began.
He spun the wheel of Dharma
With his sermon to the five.
He wandered through India
Continuing his quest.
In an abandoned jungle
Sitting in the shade of his little tree,
He thought,
He meditated,
Until he understood everything.
Disciples to spread it further
Preaching to others
Who preached to others and so on.
The religion continued to spread
Through China in the north,
Through Korea to Japan in the east,
Through Cambodia in the south.
All adopted this new religion.
Spirituality flowed out
Like the peaceful branches of the mighty Bodhi tree
Into the world of heavenly light.

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