Monday, March 12, 2012

66. Christianity

A religion came
During the august one’s reign.
Born of a virgin in Palestine
Among lowly animals
Where three kings
Brought offerings
Of gold
Of Frankincense
Of Myrrh.
They escaped the slaughter of Herod’s men
To Egypt where he lived out his days.
Teaching great wisdom
As a young boy
In a temple where his mother found.
He was washed of sin
By John of the river.
Twelve friends followed him later in life
After many miracles abound.
“What should we do about Caesar?”
Asked one of his faithful ones.
“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”
Said the carpenter’s son.
Then he wandered through the desert
Being tempted by worldly goods.
At his last meal
One of his friends betrayed him
In the garden where he prayed.
He was tried.
“This isn’t my kingdom.”
He said.
“My kingdom will come soon.”
The Pontius one gave his people a choice.
They chose the other.
He was placed on the cross.
“It is finished.”
Was the last dying words
Of the carpenter’s son
To win over death
Bringing people to the world to come.
For three days
They cried for him.
For three days
They sat talking of him
For three days
They waited.
He came back on the third
With great rejoicing
Then rose to the heavens
To his seat.

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