Thursday, March 1, 2012

55. The End of the Alexandrian Empire

On his death bed
Macedon’s lion lay.
His feet failed him
Being made of clay.
With his commander at his side
He was asked who the new king is.
“Where does he reside?”
Alexander, with dying feverish breath
Reaching up to his faithful general
“I give my kingdom to the most powerful,”
He said
Slowly sinking to his bed.
The empire soon crumbled
Under the fevers of war.
The non-Greeks of Helen,
The Independents
Egypt, where his lighthouse lay,
Macedonia, his old kingdom.
Yahweh saw his people in Greek hands
Celebrating like those of other Greek lands.
“Do you not remember me?”
He asked.
Then the revolt of candles started.
For eight days the menorah burned.
Antiochus fell from his lofty perch.
The lion's once great empire
Shattered under the fighting
Successor kings.

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