Tuesday, March 13, 2012

67. Rome’s Decedant Decline

Rome wasn’t finished here on earth.
Emperors partied in decadence
Playing fiddles while the city burned.
Her crown became the center for
Distracting people with bread and circus
As lions ate Jew and Christian alike.
Slaves fought each other
While free food was passed out to on looking spectators.
Horses were made state officials.
Emperors believed themselves gods
Relating to Jupiter
Demanding tribute and sacrifice.
They drank wine
But got drunk on power.
Civil wars
Economic crises
All kinds of trials and tribulations
Threatened the sleeping lady Rome.
She was divided into provinces
As she lay on her throne.
Yet she slept there peacefully
Unaware of her keeper.
Blinded only by wealth and games
As emperors became corrupt or mad with power.
The empire fell into decline.

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