Tuesday, March 6, 2012

60. The First Punic War

“Poor Dido!”
Carthage cried.
Our beautiful queen
Has died.
It was Aeneas
Who rejected her.
His descendants must pay.
Carthage looked up
At the growing Rome
Seeing that she wants the island of Sicily
“We will take it for ourselves,”
Carthage said.
You took our beautiful queen away
We’ll take the island.
Rome sent her men
Securing the island
Just as Carthage did the same.
Fleets of ships,
Legions clashed
For the beautiful island
To the south of her land.
Carthage’s navy had Rome cornered
But adapting well
The white republic
Built her ships
Overcoming Carthage in the end.
Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica
All fell to Rome’s might.

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