Tuesday, March 20, 2012

74. Medieval Europe

The lands of Europe fell to war and strife.
The Franks made their empire.
Vikings invaded.
Muslims invaded.
Spain was captured.
Byzantium slowly eroded into nothing.
Their culture lived on in Kiev,
The future cause of problems in the world
Lombards took over Italy
Islam shattered.
The Holy Roman Empire came
With Charlemagne and the Carolingians.
The old Merovingian order fell.
Charlemagne expanded.
He tried to build from the ashes of the old empire.
Education was important
To clergy and people.
Christianity won many converts.
The dream of Rome lived on.
The great city.
The culture.
Charlemagne was the first to try to bring Rome Back.
Fourteen years before he died the pope gave recognition.
Then his death caused the empire to crumble.
As the years passed, Europe slowly organized.
Nations born of local tribesman.
England was born.
Scotland was born.
Ireland was born.
France, Poland and Denmark.
Trade flourished in Europe and routes were built.
Religion took center stage.
Churches got bigger.
More elaborate
As Rome was forgotten they became goth.
Hierarchies were formed.
Peasants on the bottom
Holding kings and nobles on top of pedestals
Knights gave them support.
With the flying buttresses of clergy
Directing masses
Chanting in middle way.
Some hoping an indulgence would pass their way.
Others rejecting such worldly goods
For simple monastic prayer.

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