Wednesday, March 14, 2012

68. Constantine and the New Hope

Rome’s dress was in tatters.
Her once beautiful face emaciated
With hunger and strife.
The emperors treated her terribly
As they lavished her with gold and jewelry.
A warrior arose to save her.
Exchanging metal chest plate
For the robes of an emperor.
He had a new vision for her
Coming from the battlefield.
“Conquer by this”
Said the voice of the crossed sun
At the Milvian Bridge.
What once was persecuted was exalted and things went well.
He picked the sickly Rome up,
Flushed the moths away and sewed her dress back together.
Adorning the empire with her new symbols
He gathered men
To write a book
Uniting Jew and Christian
Through story and tradition.
On his deathbed
He was welcomed into the new religion
With water.

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