Sunday, January 15, 2012

9. Prokaryotes

Dust swirled up from the bottom of tempestuous oceans.
As waves washed and mixed
The heated brew
Ribs of Atom formed our genetic Eve.
Molecules that replicate.
The concoction worked!
Let there be life!
It took years to get the recipe just right but it happened!
Go free!
My Atom and Eve!
Mold yourselves into new things!
Put your stardust to work!
Populate the seas.
Go forth!
You are dust no longer!
Remember though,
You will always return.
And they did.
They populated the seas until the oceans were crowded
With tiny single-celled life
They formed casings.
They squirted each other with poisonous molecules
Killing their brethren.
Eliminating competition.
They fought a never-ending war.
The mother of invention they say.
Others might say she had gone too far.
Chemicals were developed
To get rid of their enemies.
New strategies were also developed.
Some created shells around their casings.
Others stuck together.
New methods were tried.
More millennia passed.
The war continued on.
Evolution took its course.

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