Monday, January 16, 2012

10. Oxygen!

For eons there was war.
New chemicals to kill competition
New weapons in ever expanding microbial arsenals
Then a crazy idea came around.
They took in the  chains of Carbon Dioxide.
Broke the bonds of ions.
Turned green.
Oxygen was released.
The plant-animal was born.
Some moved,
Some flagellated,
Others stayed put,
Building structures on the ocean floor.
A new atmosphere was formed.
Stromatolite lumps grew in the shallows.
An ozone layer.
It wasn’t all good though.
The gas was poisonous.
It caused extinctions.
The survivors used the die off to their advantage.
They consumed the gas
Expelling Carbon Dioxide.
From the crucible of the Big Bang came the womb of nebula.
From the womb of nebula came the forge of planets.
From the forge of planets came the brew of life.
Now Atom and Eve have a choice.
Move on or perish.

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