Thursday, January 5, 2012

2. The Big Bang

Darkness and nothingness.
Forever and ever.
Only void.
Nothing physical.
Only spiritual.
No time, no matter, nothing.
Then, a point of light.
A small egg of early universe.
The atom to start all atoms.
The light to start all light.
A voice.
It speaks.
The light expands.
Racing through the blackness in an instant.
Light, energy, heat, matter, all expanding forever outward.
Continuously growing, growing, growing.
The crucible is poured and the mold is set.
The die is cast.
God’s plans set in motion.
As tiny strings vibrate,
Quarks and neutrinos rotate.
Neutrons, protons and electrons assemble and cooperate like the unseen parts of a machine.
The universe cools.
Lightest materials come first.
Hydrogen, Helium.
They continue to form.
Clouds of gas and dust swirl around.
The universe consolidates.
We grasp the physical.
We hypothesize the making of the stage
But know nothing of the unseen hand.
We cannot see
The mysterious collisions of membranes
Causing echoes rippling through time and space.
Is the universe expanding?
Is it shrinking?
What’s the purpose to all of this?
Nothing is revealed.
No one knows.
No one is here to know.
There will be someday.
Born from the mold of the early universe
Constructed to do great things.
They will unlock the great secrets.

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