Saturday, January 28, 2012

22. The Jurassic: The Empire's Peak

Pangea slowly began to split
Becoming Gondwana and Laurasia.
What once was hot and dry
Became warm and wet.
The climate turned more tropical.
Triassic deserts turned green
As trees and plants rolled out into the full Jurassic Eden.
Leaves were traded for needles
Coelophysis dreams slowly become reality
As this “Other Lizard” claimed his dominance.
He sharpened his claws
He lengthened his serrated teeth
Growing to an enormous size.
“Other lizard’s” victims changed as well
To cope with his tyrannical reign.
Plates of armor and bony spikes were forged
In their evolutionary arsenal.
Others changed from claw to foot
Standing on tree trunk feet.
“Other Lizard” ruled this coniferous Eden with tooth and claw.
Threatening the titanic sauropods
Munching on Iguanadon.
“Whatever I want I will take” was “Other Lizard’s” law.
Tiny therapods and rodents
Feed on left over carcasses.
Pterosaurs grew wings
Took to the air
As Plesiosaurs and Ichthyosaurs grew fins.
They journeyed back to the sea to start a new life
Away from “Other Lizard”
And his terrible reign.
Dinosaurs came into their own
As the rulers of this Jurassic garden.

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