Monday, January 23, 2012

17. The First Conquerors

Plant your roots in the soft soil.
Spread your branches to the sky.
You are the first to reach land.
New territory!
Let the others figure it out.
You will be the foundation of the new world.
The symbol of a new order.
Stretching to the sky like green flags in the sand.
Spread your seeds and build an empire.
They grew tall as trees,
Taking in Carbon Dioxide,
Expelling Oxygen.
Seedless plants grew strong in the soil.
They pushed inland as the mosses stayed near the shore.
The planet became a lush green wonderland.
An Eden.
The first colonizers were quiet.
They whispered their dominance
As the wind blew through their leaves.
They didn’t need to be loud.
The first conquerors found that there was a price for this success.
The elements.
Storms uprooted them.
Fires burned them.
Droughts dried them out.
Hold fast my friends.
You’ll go far.
You’ll do great things.
Because whatever comes your way
Whether it be insects
Or storms
You will survive
Bringing new life to the world.

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