Saturday, January 21, 2012

15. The Extinction

As continents moved and eroded
They slowly reached for the South Pole.
Ocean currents became disrupted,
Ice sheets slowly crossed the barren land.
Gondwana glaciation brought its icy cold grip to the populous of the Ordovician.
Oxygen was depleted.
Animals suffocated.
Falling to the bottom,
They were buried.
They were held for years until someone dug them up.
We must remember them as they once were.
Great pioneers of the oceans.
The poor creatures of the explosion
Most of them dead like the trilobites
Paving the way for us as we pave that way with them.
Limestone graves for archeocyathids, trilobites, and coral grew.
Here lies so-and-so.
There lies what’s-his-name and so on.
Remember them my friends.
We have a lot to thank them for.
Your time will come as well.
May you rest peacefully in your rocky tombs.
No longer will you have to worry about predators.
Archeocyathids and trilobites are no more.
They will be missed.

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