Monday, January 9, 2012

4. The Milky Way

A cluster of stars
In a small part of the universe
Spiraling through space and time.
Deep inside
Is the eternal darkness,
The eternal mass
It lies dormant now.
But for millennia before
It actively ate
Spewing vast energies
From its mighty stomach.
The milky stellar octopus
Swam the dark cosmos
As two smaller galaxies tag along
Like small round remora fish
In a deep black ocean.
Danger lurks light-years away
The spinning lady gets ever closer.
Her arms will intertwine with ours
Causing pieces of each of us to fly off
In a great cosmic collision.
That’s still billions of years ahead of us.
The galaxy’s young
No need to worry about the future.
For now
We turn inward
To a more familiar sight.

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